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A growing movement in the gay community supports the term bear as a lifestyle choice rather than it’s traditional meaning referring to a rugged body type.

To be a bear in the past meant being older, heavy set, hairy, and having a tough physique. Nowadays we treat the term as an all inclusive idea that we as gay men can be exactly who we are. We can be tough, we can be hairy, we can be large, we can be nerdy, or none of those things, or all of them.

But the most important parts of being a bear is being accepting of each other and supporting others to feel good in their own skin. We do not encourage cattiness, bitchy, dramatic, or negative actions that are common in many parts of LGBT communities.

We encourage unity through building a better, stronger, and closer community with an emphasis on inclusion.



Bears Las Vegas’ goal is to put the Bears back on top of this town! We only promote events in public places where everyone and anyone can attend. We do not support private or exclusive events. We love all bears and the men who love them back, so we will never turn anyone away. If you wish to promote an event on our page please be mindful of this, it’s very important to us.

Monthly Board Meetings

Bears Las Vegas meets on the 4th Monday of the month at The Center 401 S Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89101. Meetings start at 7 PM and last about an hour.

Please join us to help guide Bears Las Vegas into the future and make your voice heard!


Great drinks, fun vibes, and good looking guys! Bears Las Vegas will see you at some of our favorite local bars!

All proceeds from our generous bar partners goes back to help our community!


We love locals! Drop in for a bite or an indulgence with your favorite group.

Explore new eats at Dive n’ Dine–a new local restaurant each month.



Bears love adventures! Join us for a hike or outing to a local gem. We mix in difficulty levels, so if something doesn’t seem your speed, check for the next event!


It’s showtime! Catch the lastest release or watch it again with your fellow bears.

Plan Your Month with Bears Las Vegas!

1st Thursday

Dive n’ Dine

It’s no surprise, Bears love a good food outing! Join our members for dinner at a local Dive restaurant on the 1st Thursday of the month, usually at 6:30 PM.  Dive n’ Dine is a great chance to try new flavor and meet others in your community. Check Facebook events for this month’s location and time.

2nd Friday

Bears Roam the Ranch

Roam with the Bears at Fun Hog Ranch from 9 pm to 1 am. Two great bust options with $10 Michelob Ultra, Bud, and Budlight or $12 Golden Road, Shock Top, and Stella! Cue up the jukebox and spend Friday with your Bears!

3rd Saturday

Coffee & Games

Vegas’ newest and best gay-owned coffee shop is a great environment for casual chat and board games! Grab a yummy coffee and snack and pull up a chair between noon and 4 pm.

4th Friday


Join us at The Las Vegas Eagle for UnderBEAR! All you can drink bust with two great options: $15 Well Liquor and Busch Draft or $25 Call Liquor & All Drafts. A portion of each bust supports Bears Las Vegas! FREE clothes check by the DJ booth.




Funds raised at bar and community events help support the operation of Bears Las Vegas. All proceeds get disbursed back to community organizations at the end of the year!


BLV is a 501(c)3 non-profit! We're powered by volunteers that care about our community and want to provide a safe, fun place for our members!


Some donations are not just a check! BLV has supported clothing and toy drives, and events like AFAN's Holiday Toy Drive for kids affected by HIV/AIDS.


Enjoy BLV events knowing your fun helps contribute positively to your Las Vegas community!

friendly neighborhood bears

Your volunteer board

Gary Brewer

Gary Brewer


Stoney Irvine

Stoney Irvine

Vice President

David Zajac

David Zajac


Lucas Skeen

Lucas Skeen


Bryan Lozada

Bryan Lozada

Events Director

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez

Finance Chair

Jose Abrego

Jose Abrego

Events Committee/Movie Bears

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