“The Bears” gave in a very big way this year–thanks to our incredible members, volunteers, and board.

Every Naughty Raffle, Drunken Gummy Bear, Beer or Liquor Bust, Tip and Donation, brings us another dollar closer to helping our fellow community organizations.

This year, Bears Las Vegas gave in a very BIG way.  $10,000 was presented to the Sin Sity Sisters at their annual Red Dress X-travaganza.  The Sisters use donations like this to help further their SADAP (Sisters Aids Drug Assistance Program).

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you to all of you that support Bears Las Vegas and our mission to the LGBTQ community.

Join us at our next monthly meeting, March 25 at 7 PM at The Center where we will discuss our next BIG GIVE supporting new organizations throughout the year.  Have a non-profit 501(c)3 organization you want to support? Let your voice be heard!